Middle East Direct Selling Forum was the first of its kind in the MENA region. Direct Selling Association of UAE (DSA UAE) planned a regional conference with global exposure and LINKVIVA delivered a world-class event.


DSA UAE has invited more than 200 people with most of them local or international VIPs. The client needed to impress the audience and make sure that the guests have the best experience throughout the event.

Scope of Our Work
  • Conceptualization
  • Technology Support
    • Website Design and Implementation
    • Registration System
  • Complete Design, Management, and Execution
Client Feedback

LINKVIVA made our event look 10 folds more impressive. It was a pleasure working with their lovely team of professionals. We only briefed them for a few minutes and they went and did everything right. Our international and governmental guests were very impressed too and commended us for a great event.

Winning Concept

Considering the nature of the forum, its regional importance, and the limited budget of the client, our team managed to create a minimalist, professional, yet modern design from scratch.

DSA UAE loved the brand design and the whole concept and informed us that they will reuse the same for the next years.


The forum was a huge success for DSA UAE. Guests were guaranteed a seamless experience and enjoyed everything from the comfortable setup, great venue, variety of the food, and of course delivery of content.

Our team filmed the full length of the event and provided a complete footage for the association to use internally and in their promotions. A copy of the footage was provided to WFDSA.

Local government officials, the WFDSA and Asia Pacific teams, and industry leaders all expressed their positive feedback and lauded LINKVIVA for flawless delivery.