We were called upon by our Client at Lenovo, to conceptualize and create a Brand Experience that showcased the revolutionary new Moto Z, whilst bringing back the iconic ‘Hello Moto’ in a whole new light.


It was paramount for the market to be reminded about the good old Moto brand that stood tall for quality and advanced technology, while getting blown away by the all new Moto Z. What truly made this device remarkable was the absolutely amazing ‘Moto Mods’ (snap on hardware modules) that no other phone in the market had.

Scope of Our Work

Designs & Conceptualization
Venue Management & Booking
Production (stand, giveaways & Props)
Project Management

Client Feedback

Once again LINKVIVA accompanied us in our journey of bringing back Hello Moto to town. Endless number of days and hours were put into crafting and defining the milestones of the journey. We enjoyed seamless communication throughout the project, flawless planning and execution, and great on-site support, all leading to another amazing campaign. A big shout out to the team for the great job done in setting the benchmark for our flagship ‘Moto Z’

Winning Concept

o meet this objective, we devised a journey that would welcome guests into the wonderful world of Moto and invite them to get lost in the features of the Mods and all that they had to offer.

The moment of anticipation finally arrived as we prepared to take Moto Z on the road for our on ground activation at multiple locations, the most prominent of which being The Walk at JBR and then the City Walk. Within a span of a month, Moto Z was showcased in a multitude of locations in Dubai strategically chosen to provide maximum exposure to the brand.

People would interact with the phone and its mods at uniquely designed stands with welcoming and well-trained crew accompanying them through their micro journeys in the world of Moto Z.

We managed to create an environment for people to immediately connect with the good old Moto name while being dazzled by the mods and other exciting features.

The sole focus of the events was to immerse visitors into an encapsulating experience of the product line by creating futuristic environments that engaged the senses. Every small detail was designed with the purpose of serving the overall theme of the campaign. Our design philosophy was at play and it was of the utmost importance that we highlighted that the Moto Z is not just another me-too smartphone.

Our in-house Creative and Innovation team spent hours with the Client Partners to design a journey in which the phone and all its mods would stand out and visitors could jump right at any stage of the journey connecting the dots and enjoying the process.

In the first 2 locations, The Walk and City Walk, customers were invited to visit the Moto Z stand designed as a futuristic control deck glowing like a starship in the cool evenings of Dubai high streets.

These stands had 4 sections, each featuring one of the key 3 mods, namely the JBL Sound boost Speaker, The Hasselblad Camera, the Insta – Share Projector and the last section as a reception. Each section offered a hands – on experience for a specific mod, with a relevant vibe according to the mod on display while a crew member with themed outfits related to the mod would help visitors feel at home, capture data, and offer giveaways for those who completed the journey.


We collected specific data points by having one-on-one interaction with visitors. It was crucial to ask about people’s personal experiences and preferences first-hand. This helped a balanced qualitative and quantitative data collection and aggregation. This made the return on investment – or Return on Experience, as we like to call it.

Data such as visitor’s name, contact number, nationality, and current phone were collected. They were also asked if they have used other models if Moto before, what would motivate them into switching to Moto Z, and what their favorite mods were.

After the event, this data was sorted, cleaned up, and compiled into a comprehensive report, and then sent to the client. This information helped the marketing team of the client in better placing and positioning their product, and provided a snapshot of market needs, preferences, and behavior in this region. This market feedback will most probably impact future generation of mods, among other elements and features of the product line.

In the end, almost 16,000 people visited our on ground activation during the course of visiting the different locations, wherein we engaged with over 11,000 people on a one to one basis.

“This is something completely new. Good to see Moto back in town.” and “Revolutionary!” were among many other positive comments we received from visitors.