Offering spatial design, and event services for Expo2020 our dedicated Expo2020 team can help with Music Shows for Expo2020, Entertainment for Expo2020, Activations for Expo2020, Conferences in Expo2020, Venue booking in Expo2020, and Full Service Event Company Solutions for the Expo2020 in Dubai.

Having designed and conceptualized award winning experiences in the UAE, LINKVIVA events knows how to capture the audience and increase dwell time throughout Expo2020 which will result in increase in spend and brand affinity.

MAKE PEOPLE FEEL AT HOME during expo2020.

Address the emotional side of the consumers and make them feel at home with your branding or msg. E.g., use multiple languages in your copy or relatable ethnicity imagery for your artwork. Of course, focus on the demographics you want to attract, and then see how to incorporate that across your call to action or key messaging. When we’re strategizing to the mass, it’s a deep subconscious human behavior trait that makes us feel more comfortable with what we know. Hence the reason McDonalds invested heavily into the London Olympics by building the world’s biggest Mc Donald’s that was open for just 6-weeks and had a capacity of over 50,000 Big Macs. They know that to capitalize on mass… you simply position your brand in the right location and provide the mass with what they know.


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