If there is a blank canvas, and you need to design the environment and experience, then LINKVIVA is your partner.

Our spatial design service goes to the fundamental root of the reason What.. What is this space for, what is the experience for, what is this campaign for ? The answer of that “what” is the foundation for our team to provide immersive experiences and guest journeys.

For master plans and pre-plan engineering reports and projects we use components of the design and seasoned partner to ensure we have the required expertise to create award winning spaces that create memories and drive footfall.


Spatial design is a relatively new conceptual design discipline that crosses the boundaries of traditional design specialisms such as architecture, landscape, landscape design, interior design and service design as well as certain areas of public art.


It focuses upon the flow of people between multiple areas of interior and exterior environments and delivers value and understanding in spaces across both the private and public realm. The emphasis of the discipline is upon working with people and space, particularly looking at the notion of place, also place identity. 


  • People Flow
  • Crowd Control
  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Public Art 
  • Public Artists
  • Public Art Curation
  • Large Scale Public Art
  • Exterior Design
  • Urban Design
  • Master Plan
  • Immersive Designs
  • Museum Designs
  • Modular Designs
  • Expo Designs
  • Permanent Structure Design
  • Semi-Permanent Structures